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Boiler Replacement

Boiler Replacement: Welcome

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Getting a new boiler can be a complex and expensive process and here at H&M Services we are here to help you make the best decision to suit your needs and complete the job with minimum disruption.

Boiler Replacement: About

Factors to Consider when Choosing a New boiler


Price -  Boiler prices can vary greatly depending on make/model/combi or system boiler/flue We offer a free no obligation  site visit to discuss options and offer best solution to suit your needs and that of your home. * We offer 1-2 years interest free credit options on ideal boiler installations

Size of  Boiler

One of the main factors to consider as it determines the boilers ability to cope with your heating and hot water demands. Below is a  handy guide to give you an ideal of the size of boiler you will require but our engineer will always do on and site assessment and recommend best option.

24-27kw | 1-2 bedrooms/10 radiators/1 bathroom

28-34 kw | 3-4 bedrooms/15 radiators/1-2 bathrooms

35-42 kw | 4+ bedrooms/20 radiators/2+ bathrooms


It is very important to choose a reputable and established boiler manufactuer as this can save both money and stress in the long term. We supply only the most reliable of boilers and our domestic gas boiler of choice is Ideal who offer a 10 +year parts and labour warranty across their range of boilers and have won numerous awards. They also offer intelligent control systems that allow your to control your heating via an app on our smart phone/tablet

– see Wireless Boiler Heating Controls section for more information on this


The location of the boiler can impact the space and appearance in your home sot this is a consideration when ordering fitting a new boiler, although it is more cost effective and less disruptive to fit the boiler in the same location as the old one. However if you decide you would prefer to relocate the boiler we can look at options available to do that also

Energy Efficiency

All boilers we fit are A rated boilers and have built in features and user friendly controls to enhance efficiency. Energy Trust advise that replacing a G rated boiler in semi detached home to an A rated boiler could save up to £210 on your annual energy bill so definitely an added benefit!


Another thing to consider is the the length of time the job will take to complete. Usually our engineers can complete a boiler replacement in 1day with minimum disruption , however if system changes are being completed eg. Changing from system to combi  or relocation of boiler etc this may take a little longer but we can advise of that on site inspection visit.

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Boiler Replacement: About

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