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System Flushing


The most common signs of sludge or scale in your heating system?

  • The boiler is nosier than usual

  • The system takes longer to warm up

  • One or more of the radiators are cold at the bottom, making some rooms colder than others

  • Radiators need to be bled regularly  

  • Sludge in the feed and expansion tank (if fitted)

Sludge / scale build-up in the pipework and at the bottom of radiators can cause serious damage. Cleaning your central heating system can help prevent this.

Radiator Temperature Wheel

Why you should clean your central heating system

  • To make it more efficient

  • To reduce heating bills

  • To improve the system's lifespan

Badly sludge or scaled heating system, may require the system to be power flushed to remove the build-up, preventing the heating system form being efficient.


What we Recommend

Power flushing can be very harsh on older heating systems and may cause pipe work and joints to fail causing pressure loss / leaks.

We would recommend a less harsh cleaning flushing regime:

  • Drain system and refill with cleaner

  • Allow cleaner to flow through the system for 3-4 weeks

  • Drain out system and flush with mains water until system runs clean

  • Refill and vent systems with inhibitor to prolong the efficiency of the system and reduce build-up of sludge and scale.

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